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Product: Swab for Bass Clarinet

Pattern: leopard

Color: brown,black/black border

Length: 17 inches, 44 inch extended length cord (appropriate for ALL bass clarinets including student instruments)

Fabric: Charmeuse Silk

Product #: 1047bc

Bass Clarinet Swab: Leopard with Extended Length Cord

SKU: 1047bc
  • Charmeuse Silk: This satin-weave silk is the traditional fabric of choice for woodwind swabs. It is shiny and smooth on one side and very soft to the touch.

    All of our swabs are made from 100% silk fabric. Additionally, we burn test our fabric to ensure that we are providing you with a genuine silk product. This natural protein fiber obtained from the cocoons of silkworm caterpillars is woven into fine, lightweight silk fabrics known for their great absorbency and strength. 

    Our teardrop shaped weights are lead-free tungsten sealed in plastic to protect your instrument. We test our swabs by pulling them through the bore of a Buffet professional bass clarinet. If you are looking for other sizes or have questions, please contact us at 

    Care Instructions: Our silk swabs should be kept out of sunlight to prevent fading. They can be washed with a mild detergent or shampoo in cold to lukewarm water. Lay flat or hang to dry. Swabs may be ironed on a low silk setting. DO NOT machine wash or machine dry our swabs under any circumstances as this may damage or discolor the plastic coating on the weight. 

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